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A new name of our vendor, Lumira

  • By Joe Heyman, MD, Wellport Chief Medical Information Officer
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  • On 10 Nov | '2014
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Spotlight: New Company Name
Lumira USA is the new name of the power behind Wellport.

Lumira, a company focused on creating collaborative healthcare networks for each patient; allowing them to engage and improve their own health, regardless of their condition(s). With technology as an enabler, b ut organization-wide process change at it’s core, this all-encompassing systemic innovation – focusing on filling in healthcare gaps across the entire care continuum – allows freedom from today’s methodic and out-dated system. Freedom from hospital beds and doctor’s visits, for patients. Freedom from over-utilization, constant duplicate testing and errors, and high costs of care for organizations. Freedom from a tangled mess of data for Payers, Government Entities, and Organization-wide management systems.

Lumira is a company that has had prior lives in the market. Beginning as Wellogic, and eventually becoming a part of the Alere, Inc. family, Lumira is now using it’s past experience acquired throughout the industry to experience a re-birth as an independent, private company, focused on improving patient outcomes through collaborative networks in healthcare.

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